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Losing the habit: the life of a Catholic nun

By Brianna Owczarzak

At the age of 21 most people are graduating college or starting their families, but not Sister Mary Lou Owczarzak.

On Sept. 8, 1964, just three months after her 21st birthday Sister Mary Lou took a leap of faith and became a Catholic nun by joining the Mission Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

“I wasn’t really thinking of the convent at those days, but I had this feeling that I should be doing something with my life,” Sister Mary Lou said.

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U.S. Catholic Church statistics from 1965-2013


Central Michigan University 2013 homecoming parade

Students and alumni of Central Michigan University lined up along the streets around campus with school spirit and cheered as the 2013 homecoming parade made its way along the parade route.

The parade began at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 19 and was part of a series of events leading up to the homecoming football game between the Central Michigan Chippewas and the Ball State Cardinals that afternoon.

The floats featured in the parade were made by a variety of registered student organizations, local businesses and campus dormitory groups. These included floats by Merrill-Sweeney, CMU Club Hip Hop, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the Mt. Pleasant Rotary Club and many others.

Joe and Katie Winkler were among the alumni that returned to campus on Saturday. The couple graduated from CMU seven years ago. Saturday was the first time they have returned to campus since graduation.

“There’s a real sense of community here and it got us fired up for the game,” Joe Winkler said. “The band was the best part.”

The Chippewa Marching Band led the procession through the university’s campus. The marching Chips played their instruments and cheered as they made their way down Washington and Main Street.

The parade ended at Broadway Street in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

“It’s cool to see everyone come together like this,” said Jonathan Coleman, a freshman at CMU.

Other Saturday homecoming events included the Miles for Medals 5K fundraiser for Michigan Special Olympics and the Cardboard Boat Races at Rose Ponds.

The Heart of Bay City Antiques

In the heart of downtown Bay City stands a 4-foot-tall building that takes up a city block.

This building is Bay Antiques Center, 1010 N. Water St., and is Michigan’s largest antique shop with 62,000 square feet opened to the public. The store has additional space which is used for storage.

Elaine Fournier and her husband William have owned the antique shop for 30 years and receive imports from all across Europe. William was stationed in Europe when he was in the military and made contacts with antique dealers while he was overseas, Elaine Fournier said.

“We get customers from all over the world here every day. We get people from out of state and we’ve had customers from Japan where we’ve shipped containers to Japan,” said Elaine Fournier.

Conny Huiskens is a longtime customer at Bay Antiques Center and enjoys the variety of items the shop has to offer.

“You can shop here one week and the following week it’s completely different. It’s always changing, which I like because it’s the hunt that I like to go after,” the Bay City native said.

Huiskens said her favorite antique that she bought from the shop was a Weller Pottery piece.

“She loves pottery,” said Tom McCarty, who was shopping with Huiskens at Bay Antiques Center on Friday, Oct. 4.

McCarty is from Grand Rapids, but said he has been to the antique shop a few times.

“They have a lot of different items that I appreciate,” McCarty said.

Jordan Masek – “I Wish”

Jordan Masek is a musical theater major at Central Michigan University. He plays and writes his own music.

Fall Fun: Pumpkin carving

Eye of the Artist Time Lapse

A time lapse video of Amanda Nickert, 19, of Lewiston, Mich. drawing a human eye. Nickert is a sophomore at Central Michigan Univeristy and enjoys drawing in her free time.

Bay City Al Kayner 40th annual St. Patrick’s Day 5k race

The 26.2 Milers Show: Marathon running podcast

Running a marathon is hard work, so hard that only one percent of the world’s population has ever ran a marathon. Do you have what it takes to be the one percent? This podcast will help you train and stay motivated for whichever marathon you plan on running.

On this episode of The 26.2 Milers Show you get an insider look into marathons and how to get started as I chat with marathon runner Ryan Roznowski about what beginning marathon runners need to know about getting started.